Goal 1: Define Your Moment #30GoalsEdu

Shelly Teller has just launched the 4th cycle  of the 30 Goals Challenge for Educators aiming to accomplish 30 short-term goals related to education. Here I am accomplishing the first goal : Define your moment.

This is my moment to start a blog ! yes !!! I have finally taken this huge step I kept delaying for ages 😀  well  it’s the perfect moment to get myself immersed in the world of blogging and to join thousands of dedicated educators I’ve been passively following for a long time ! I guess this is the right moment to take action, spread my wings and learn how to fly J

Thank you shelly for inspiring me to start this blog,  thank you for being such a nice and supportive person.

This is my moment to reflect upon the way I teach, to get feedback, support, and encouragement . I really need some push and guidance to improve my  teaching practices.

This is my moment to get out of my shell and get involved in different discussions on different social networks. I strongly believe that interacting and sharing thoughts with other teachers from around the globe is a very enriching and mind-broadening experience . It comes as no surprise that most of the teachers out there are generous and humble persons, always ready to give hand to other fellow teachers and  guide them all the way.

This is definitely my moment to sparkle and shine. I‘m an ambitious teacher who, in spite of all the difficulties she encouters along the journey , keeps swimming to achieve all her goals.  🙂




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